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Codeplace teaches you Ruby on Rails by showing you how to build real world applications.

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Get started with programming

Never Coded Before? No Problem, Codeplace has it’s own learning path starting out with the very basics.


Improve your skills

Already know how to code but not yet comfortable building full apps? Our 30 App Catalogue Awaits You.

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Get a development job

The most important part of a Developer’s CV is its portfolio. Improve your chance of getting a web development job by building these apps.

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Become a Great Developer by Building 30+ Real Applications

The best way of becoming a great developer is by practising. Our App Library teaches you the most important concepts while you're building full applications.

  • Watch how full apps are made from start to finish.
  • Build anything from Social Networks to Marketplaces.
  • Increase your chances of getting a Job by Building up your Git Portfolio.
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Customize what you’ve built

Once your application is ready, customize it using popular libraries and APIs:

  • Add new features to your app, like payment gateways or social authentication;
  • Learn how to integrate your application with social APIs;
  • Know how to use new and exciting technologies like AWS, mongoDB and Filestack.
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What to Expect from Codeplace

From the loving feedback of our 30,000 developer students we feel that we’ve built the perfect place to learn how to code.


Video Lectures

Watch developers code and explain why they did what they did.


Programming Dictionary

Every Recipe is deep linked to the Language or API documentation.


Live App Preview

Know how the end project will look like before you start learning.


Source Code

Every Code Recipe is linked to the final source code.


Code Additions/Removals

Know exactly what code is being added, deleted or updated at all times.


Searchable Content

In and Out Recipe search allows you to search through all the code and context


Measure Your Progress

We track your progress so you can pick up where you left off.


Step by Step Navigation

Easily skim through a Recipe at your own pace.


Access our exclusive Slack channel

Coding is more fun when other people are around. Our vibrant Slack Student community keeps you company in those lonely coding nights.


Get technical support

Stuck somewhere? No worries, our student support team is there to the rescue!

Our Students

What our Students say


I have been through many online courses on Ruby on Rails and it was frustrating encountering outdated gems and tutors not committed to help students. I love Codeplace because it's the latest course and offers insane commitment.

Lily Bahari
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Doing the introductory Rails course actually helped me understand the core concepts of web development and the way you organize the project development makes it feel so real..! You cover everything and I'm truly grateful for the product you put out!!

Zach Bruno
North Carolina, United States

I have utmost faith in the team of Tutors at Codeplace who guide and mentor me remotely, constantly and continuously. I highly recommend Codeplace to newbies who want to develop awesome web applications.

Shyaam Deshmukh
Pune, India

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  • Web Development for Beginners Path
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